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What Our Students Say

Testimonials from our adults classes:

“All my life I was the class clown/comedian.  Everybody was telling me I should be an actor or a stand-up comedian.  Instead, I became an airline pilot.  On the outside: structure, discipline, seriousness, safety, standards, ironed shirts, polished shoes and necktie.  No screwing around…on the inside, I was screaming!!!   The EAS gave me the confidence to believe that I had ‘something’.  I loved every minute and wanted more.  Thanks to the space created at EAS, I was finally able to really fly!  To Kirsty, Paul and my class mates, thank you!”

Dan Daguindeau, beginners class – 2013.

“I started at Edinburgh Acting School in May 2012. Since the first class, I have been enjoying this course learning drama techniques and meeting new people. Kirsty was there not only teaching Theatre, but also as a friend supporting us all the time and making things easier for us. In addition,  developing my drama skills has helped me in my career and in my life building a stronger self confidence and creativity.”

Jose Cava, beginners and mixed show class – 2012.

“My experience at EAS was such a positive one. The friendly atmosphere allows you to feel comfortable in an environment which may be daunting for some. Everyone is so encouraging and it is the perfect place to gain confidence in yourself as an actor. If you ever wanted to take up acting but felt a bit unsure, this is definitely the place to start!”

Clare Ní Shúilleabháin, mixed show class – 2012.

“I loved the EAS, I was a full time student from 1985 to 1987 and the many special memories I have will be with me all my life. I’ve kept in touch with several EAS students I met as a teenager. I remember Anna’s dog Harvey never happy to see the postman put the letters through the letter box. I remember the rehearsals and the fun times and laughter. If I could go back in time, I’d do it all over again.I could say so much more that it would fill a page, just wonderful experiences.”

John Mccutcheon, student from 1985-1987 when EAS ran a full-time course.

“I’ve been with EAS for three years, progressing from the Beginners, to the Advanced, and now the Performance class. I last did drama when I was 13 years old. I enjoyed it and had always meant to give it another go, but never got around to it. Too many years later, EAS seemed the ideal way to get back into acting and meet some new people. It has more than exceeded my expectations. I have been out of my comfort zone many times, but have always felt supported and encouraged by my classmates and tutors and have grown in skill and confidence. I always look forward to class – it’s fun and invigorating, frees your mind and lifts your spirit. I have met many fantastic people and developed lasting friendships. If you’re wavering, do give it a go – Kirsty will make sure you feel welcome and have fun. “

Catherine Williams, student from 2011 on various courses and workshops.

“My experience working with Edinburgh Acting School has been of one on one sessions for a particular purpose.  The time I have spent doing these lessons have been extremely satisfying and the lessons were wonderfully structured in that I was tested in each one. It was the one time of the week I looked forward to the most because I worked with two fantastic individuals who are very talented indeed, I also saw that they were obviously far more capable and better equipped than me and are naturally gifted people too which I am not by any means, and so I received great support and encouragement. I would most definitely recommend EAS to anyone who has an interest in acting, as it increases your confidence to no end and it’s been a very enjoyable experience.”

Jamie Lusted, 2013. One-on-one lessons and now Adult Beginners.


Mixed Show Class 2012 at Dress Rehearsal.