Performance Course

Want to work towards a live public performance?

Want to work on original texts and new show concepts?

Want to work with professional directors?

This course is for you! We hold 2 auditions a year for our productions and aim to create new and diverse pieces that are shaped and developed throughout the rehearsal process. The course is designed to offer cast

members with a rehearsal room atmosphere and to treat everyone as a ‘performer’ in the upcoming production.

Details of the next production and auditions are noted below:



adapted by

Ellen McLaughlin

Our aim is to get back to the theatre, back in front of a LIVE audience, back where we belong.

This HILARIOUS show has been dragged into modern times - given a wee makeover - and is ready for an audience to roll down the aisles in laughter! This will be the BEST NIGHT OUT come June 2021.

Cast List:

Lysistrata: Ashley Barlow

Myrrhine: Amy Mackintosh

Cinesias: Miguel Molina

Calonice: Elizabeth Snowden

Magistrate: Catherine Bisset

Lampito: Kirsty Vance

Athenian Leader 1/Old Woman 1: Blanca Belenguer Aina

Athenian Leader 2/Old Woman 2: Sandrine Cazalet

Dipsas, Fisherwoman/Old Woman 3: Martha Hemsle

Ismenia/Belphragia: Kerryl Erskine

Geezer 1: Adam Barnett

Geezer 2/Spartan Envoy: Loki Lau

Geezer 3/Spartan Delegate: Michail Michailidis 

Creative Team:

Director: Flavia D'Avila

Acting Coach: Jen McGregor

Creative Consultant: Stephen Graham-Martin

Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc.


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