Acting Courses

Edinburgh Acting School (EAS)  provide an extensive programme of  part-time courses in acting and related performance skills. It has given its many students the opportunity to learn and train in a professional and supportive environment.  

Various courses that run throughout the year include: Stage 1 (Beginners), Stage 2 (Intermediate), Stage 3 (Advanced), and the Performance Course. These courses and classes are designed to train and develop the students and on occasion put the training to the test with live public performances. Edinburgh Acting School is open to anyone who is ready to learn, immerse themselves in the training and trust and react to their fellow students and tutors.


This course is designed to offer a general introduction into acting in all its forms and shapes. As most of the students on this course have different motives and backgrounds, our amazing tutor is quick and flexible to catering to the class needs from term to term. The frame of the course focuses around ‘The History of Theatre’: Greek origins, Commedia dell’arte, Shakespeare and more general practices such as storytelling, physical theatre, devising, improvisations, public speaking to give an overall idea of what theatre and acting is about. For those looking to progress and learn more about the acting world and the various techniques out there - this course is the one for you. 



The course is designed to go into more depth from Stage 1 into the world of acting and performance. A scripted text is introduced, and you will work with the tutors to bring it to life, building a character, playing under different styles and circumstances, improvising, using physical techniques. Approach to stage craft, playing in different spaces and adapting to that space. Some terms we offer audition prep and introduction into ‘working with the camera’. 



Entry by audition. 

The course focuses in on practitioners and their work, how to develop and use those skills in acting and performance and how to overcome obstacles while devising and creating. An intensive course that looks to support and mold it’s students as they drive forward with aspirations and goals for their career future.  

Stage 1

Mondays 7pm-9pm

NEXT TERM STARTS January 20th 2020

Stage 2 

Tuesdays 7pm-9pm

NEXT TERM STARTS January 21st 2020

Stage 3

Wednesdays 7pm-9pm

NEXT TERM STARTS January 22nd 2020

Need More information on which stage is for you?

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