2022 Diploma Course commences JANUARY 2022

This course is a Part Time Intensive Course that is designed to prepare and equip students for not just the Trinity London exam, but for future prospects.  

What do you get? 

- You work towards an exam which offers a ATCL Diploma 
(equivalent of a Scottish 1st year undergraduate) 

- Over 70 hours of contact time with professional tutors, directors and industry professionals 

- Theatre/workshop/rehearsal room visits planned with professional companies. 

- Headshot session included 

- A maximum class of 10 people so full growth and potential can be reached. 

- Full support via email, in person and on the phone throughout the course and leading up to exams. 

- A school that is committed to offering the best training, looks at continuous development and seeks new and exciting opportunities for their staff and students. 

Classes run fortnightly from January to June 2022. Full day Saturdays from 11am-5pm. Home studies will be expected (estimated 5 hours a week). 

Jan 8/22, Feb 5/19, March 5/19, April 2/23, May 7/21, June 4/18 -


Course Fee: £1250.00 for 2022 exam courses. 

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Can you tell us more about the course and what we will covered?


In regard to the curriculum, the course structure that has been designed by the professional tutors at EAS. We follow the main outcomes that is required for the exams and set out by Trinity London: 

This qualification encourages candidates to be multi-skilled, reflective performers, preparing and 
performing a programme of work at a level that shows professional potential. They will achieve 
performance standards that are comparable with other qualifications available in the UK at 
Level 4 on the Regulated Qualifications Framework or the first year of degree-level study. 

Learning outcomes 
To achieve this qualification the candidate will be able to: 
◗◗ Demonstrate a sound knowledge of the fundamental concepts of speech and drama 
◗◗ Use different approaches to solve problems 
◗◗ Communicate accurately with clear intent 
◗◗ Appreciate the main principles of the discipline, and the limits of their current capabilities and knowledge 
in relation to it 
◗◗ Undertake small-scale investigative or development activities, using appropriate methods and techniques 
◗◗ Operate in moderately critical situations where success depends on choosing appropriate responses 


What is the qualification good for?



The qualification is great for someone looking to move on to full time training in the industry. It gives an insight into a lot of key skills and works towards an exam that provides a recognized qualification. 

For those applying for further training or for an agent, or for general casting - it will show that the candidate is committed and is serious about the profession. It shows that they have worked in a professional training environment and actively learnt from their peers. It gives the student the ability to learn in a relaxed and part time environment, gives them space to grow and develop, and will support applications for future development.