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     A Helpful Guide to the Stages


I’d like to take acting classes.

How do I know which stage I need? 


If you’ve never taken classes before, or if it’s been a long time since you last took classes and you could do with refreshing the basics, Stage 1 is for you. It’s suitable for aspiring actors looking for a place to start their training, or for non-actors looking to improve their confidence and public speaking skills. 

No audition is required, just email us to sign up!


Ready to take to the stage? In our Performance class you can work with a professional director to rehearse a fully-staged public show. It’s a great opportunity to test yourself as a performer in a supportive environment, so if you’re eager to take on a role we’ve got you covered! 

We hold workshop auditions for each Performance class production. If you’d like to audition, email us to sign up to the workshop. All auditionees will be notified of casting decisions by email within a week. 


 If you’ve taken acting classes before and want to push yourself further, you’re ready for Stage 2. This is where you’ll take the basic stagecraft skills you learned in Stage 1 and start applying them to character work. We’ll also start exploring group work, building your ability to work as part of a chorus or ensemble. 

No audition is required – if you’ve done Stage 1 your tutor will help you figure out when it’s time to move up. If your previous training was elsewhere, come to one of our Open Evenings or just contact us for a chat about your level of experience. 


Examined by Trinity College London, the Diploma in Speech and Drama is equivalent to an HND Unit or degree foundation course. This is the course for actors who are ready to take the next step and pursue acting professionally. It might be a stepping stone to full-time training, or you might choose to plunge straight into seeking work. 

Our Diploma course offers tuition from working theatre practitioners, workshops, theatre visits and headshots. We keep our class sizes as small and our contact hours as high as we can, in order to allow maximum individual support. 

Entry to the Diploma course is by audition only. Candidates are asked to prepare two contrasting monologues, each up to 2 minutes long. One should be classical (anything from Ancient Greek to Restoration), the other contemporary (post-1950). 


If you’re ready for the challenge of performance, it’s time for Stage 3! All the skills you’ve learned in the previous classes will be brought together and applied to scenes and monologues, preparing them to performance standard. You’ll also be introduced to more advanced techniques, expanding your toolkit and equipping you to work independently and analyse your own performance.

Entry to Stage 3 is by audition. Auditionees are asked to prepare two short, contrasting monologues, between 1 and 2 minutes in length, and to be ready for a brief discussion about their choices and prior experience. Please contact for the next audition date.

Need anymore information?

Drop us an email at Hello@



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