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As we head back to our venue at Marchmont St Giles for our next term of face-to-face classes/rehearsals, we have worked closely with them, while following the government rules to set out a clear plan for our return, that puts the safety of our students/actors and tutors at the forefront. 

Entrance & Exits

We have worked closely with the venue to create a footfall plan for all our classes/rehearsals. This means that each scheduled EAS course has a clear entrance & exit plan. On the first week, all students/actors should head to the main entrance of the building where they will be met by the 'eas covid-19 officer'  who shall direct them to the right spaces.

Hand sanitising

All students/actors entering the building will be asked to hand sanitise. We are working within government rules to eliminate the spread of the virus at every opportunity. Our products have been purchased from Edinburgh based company: Pristine Hygiene. Please check out their website if you wish to check ingredients. In the event that you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients, we ask that you provide your own hand sanitiser. Please note that Marchmont St Giles also use Pristine Hygiene for their wall mounted hand sanitiser units. 


Each space used will be allocated a bathroom. In some instances this may a unisex bathroom that is used for all. We will ask students/actors to make sure the bathrooms are left in a clean and tidy manner. We will aim to check and clean bathrooms throughout class sessions. 

Masks and Face Coverings

We ask students/actors/tutors to wear a mask or face covering when in communal areas of the building. When in the Acting Studio you are able to remove your mask if you feel comfortable to do so, however over the first few weeks we ask that masks are worn throughout if possible. 

Social Distancing

Where possible, our tutors have prepared lessons to help maintain social distance between students & actors. Where this is not possible, we ask everyone to be considerate of everyone else in the group.


Whereas we do not require a negative lateral flow to attend classes, we kindly ask that everyone takes responsible action where possible. it is Government Guidelines that everyone should LFT before going out and under the education guidelines, students are encouraged to LFT twice weekly. 

If you are ill or become ill

If you are ill with covid symptoms: simply do not attend class/rehearsals. We will aim to provide missed information on the sessions, but it is more important to us, to the rest of the group, and for you to not attend. 

If you become ill and contract covid 19 symptoms after an EAS sessions then we ask that you contact the NHS right away. They will provide the best advice, support and care. In the event that you are confirmed to have contracted covid, then the NHS TRack & Trace Service will be informed via your medical team and we will happily work with them and follow their advice.

You must contact us to advise and keep a clear line of communication with the EAS Team.

Track & Trace

All students who have signed up for our courses, have provided their full contact details at the time of booking. In the event that the NHS Track and Track Service requires that information, EAS will provide the information sent in via our inline booking form. 

Printing and Handouts

In the event that a tutor/director requires everyone to have a paper hand out or text/script for a class/rehearsal - this will be sent out via email/WhatsApp a few days prior to the class/rehearsal. 

We have no problems printing for each student, but due to the government guidance, we are offering students the chance to print themselves and limit the possibility of cross contamination.

Where possible our tutors/directors will not use these materials. 

Each student will also be invited to join a class WhatsApp group and screen shot images will be shared there for ease.

Regional and Local Lock-down

In the event that there is a regional lock-down in Scotland, or a local lock-down within Edinburgh, all our classes/rehearsals shall move online to a secured network. Notice will be given to each student/actor and full information sent out. We previously operated online and it was a great success.

This is not our ideal situation and not something we wish to do, but it is our back-up plan in the event that we cannot operate in our venue.

Any scheduled performances that are unable to take place face-to-face, will be rescheduled.

Risk Assessment

Before returning it is mandatory for any establishment to compile a new covid-19 related risk assessment. This should be separate from any other risk assessments and specific to covid-19. We have worked with the venue to agree and create a risk assessment that considers many possibilities and offers support and guidance while identifying any risks. This document will be updated and reviewed frequently. We encourage any students/actors/tutors to offer feedback as we continue to put the safety of our EAS FAMILY first. 

EAS: Risk Assessment JANUARY 2022

for more information please email 

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