Lysistrata Cast List

lysistrata instagram post.png
lysistrata instagram post.png

Lysistrata: Ashley Barlow

Myrrhine: Amy Mackintosh

Cinesias: Miguel Molina

Calonice: Elizabeth Snowden

Magistrate: Catherine Bisset

Lampito: Kirsty Vance

Athenian Leader 1/Old Woman 1: Blanca Belenguer Aina

Athenian Leader 2/Old Woman 2: Sandrine Cazalet

Dipsas, Fisherwoman/Old Woman 3: Martha Hemsle

Ismenia/Belphragia: Kerryl Erskine

Geezer 1: Adam Barnett

Geezer 2/Spartan Envoy: Loki Lau

Geezer 3/Spartan Delegate: Michail Michailidis 

Creative Team:

Director: Flavia D'Avila

Acting Coach: Jen McGregor

Creative Consultant & Choreographer: Stephen Graham-Martin


Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc.


Directors Note: Flavia D'Avila


Aristophanes’s Lysistrata was the first play I ever directed 19 years ago, when I was an undergraduate student at the BEd English Language and Literature at PUCRS in southern Brazil. This rude, ridiculous, raunchy play has stayed with me since and I’ve always meant to revisit it some time. I wrote an essay about it for my drama degree re-imagining it as a cyberpunk fantasy and I have seen other productions in Edinburgh by local companies, but I hadn’t had a chance to get my hands on it again until this opportunity with the Edinburgh Acting School came along and I was more than happy to pounce.

It has not been the easiest of processes, working during a pandemic. We held online auditions and also rehearsed online for the first couple of months, but even when we were allowed to rehearse in the venue, there were still many restrictions we had to respect, including minimal physical touch between the actors and no live singing. This has demanded a level of adaptation of my working practice that I had never experienced before, but EAS, personified by Stephen and Jen, and the cast have been so supportive and motivated throughout that we couldn’t not make it work. What you are watching tonight is a product of a lot of love, care and determination brought to life by a bunch of really special people. We hope you have a good time and join us in the hopeful celebration of better times ahead!


One final note:

This specific adaptation by Ellen McLaughlin was written in 2003, for The Lysistrata Project, a worldwide theatrical protest for peace in response to the unlawful invasion of Iraq in search of weapons of mass destruction. During our online rehearsal period, we did a lot of research together and I asked the cast to bring some songs and poems from their respective cultural backgrounds (together, we represent 10 different countries!) about war and grief. This sharing of material was so powerful that we decided to include it in the show as a Prologue, to remind you that even though the play is funny, it carries a potent political message. Some of the material was public domain, but we also wish to thank the respective writers and translators who have given us permission to use their beautiful words in this piece.


List of songs and poems quoted in the Prologue:

Flower of Scotland (Roy Williamson)

The Field by the Lirk o’ the Hill (Violet Jacob)

La Strabourgeoise (Gaston Villemer, Lucien Delormel & Henri Natif)

Mr War (Palestine) (Pola Fanous)

Lament to the Spirit of War (Enheduanna, translated by Michael R. Burch)

Querida Milagros (Quimi Portet)

Fientliga Stjärnor (Edith Södergran)

Dulce et Decorum Est (Wilfred Owen)

La Ciudad Sitiada (Laila Ripoll)

Fire and Rain  (James Taylor)

Macbeth (William Shakespeare)

Nostra Culpa (Margaret Sackville)

The Scientist (Coldplay)

For What It’s Worth (Stephen Stills)

為自由 [All for Freedom] (唐書琛 [Susan Tang] and 盧冠廷 [Lowell Lo])

της δικαιοσύνης ήλιε νοητέ [Justice Sun Conceivable] (Odysseas Elytis)