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What's it all about?

These classes are designed to offer a more advanced learning experience.


Explore characterisation, physicality, text and exploration over the various structured terms. An Actor: Develops will run on either a Tuesday (A) or Thursday (B) with both classes working on the below, in order to develop their skills each term.


Autumn/Winter Term(Aug-Dec):

Explore character archetypes, physicality, interacting with the audience, devising, and character voices through Commedia Dell'Arte. There will be text work that explores various styles and practitioners and how their work shaped and influenced the acting world. Expect to become familiar with Moliere's plays and explore the language of Shakespeare.

  • Character Archetypes

  • Physicality

  • Interacting with the audience

  • Devising

  • Character voices

  • Moliere scene work

  • Shakespeare monologue

  • Voice work


Spring/Summer Term (Feb-June):

Further explore how to safely build character and emotions using Laban's Efforts, object exercises, and relaxation amongst other techniques from practitioners such as Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, and Stella Adler. Work with classics texts from Chekov, Ibsen and Strindberg to explore naturalism, learning how to fully realise a character and respond naturally on stage or film. Analyse modern texts while learning how to use the tools to do so.

  • Breath work

  • Relaxation

  • Voice and emotions

  • Safely exploring emotions

  • Laban's Efforts

  • Building fully formed characters

  • Responding naturally

  • Affect-able Acting

  • Classic Text Work (Chekov, Ibsen, Strindberg)

  • Using your actor's toolkit

Term Information:


Develops A: Tuesday Evening

Develops B: Thursday Evening

Times: 7.00pm-9.00pm weekly

Venue: Marchmont St Giles


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