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What's it all about?

Our EAS Youth classes are a safe and fun environment for young adults from S1 to S6 to grow in confidence through acting.


We look to encourage, while challenging all our students. We explore a range of different dramatic techniques, character building, role play, improvisation, storytelling, performance confidence, communication & artistic skills.


We also will look at screen & stage acting, puppetry, interactive engagement, mime, props and costume making, stage make up, devising and creating. We work alongside our students helping them bring to life stories that they will create.


In doing so we will specifically focus on characterisation, improvising from stimuli and experimenting with different physical and vocal techniques. They will also look at classical texts and learn about practitioners and how their styles have influenced the arts industry today.


January-June Term: Stage Performance resulting in a public performance.

August-December Term: Screen Acting resulting in an edited filmed piece.


Term Information – FEB to JUNE 2024

S1–S6 Class: 7.00pm–9.00pm

Open Evenings: Thursday 25th Jan and Thursday 1st Feb 2024


Term Dates: Thursday 8th February–Thursday 20th June 2024

*Please note there is a show week operating from Mon 24th-Fri 28th June 2024

Venue: Marchmont St Giles

Fee: £300.00

EASYT have their own Instagram account - check it out here!  

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