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What's it all about?

Ready to share your skills with an audience?


An Actor: Presents lets you apply everything you’ve learned so far in our classes and elsewhere, to discover new ways of working, and perform a scene or monologue in a sharing showcase (open to family, friends and EAS members) at the end of term.

An Actor: Presents is a great way to take your first steps on stage in a supported, nurturing environment. You’ll be expected to learn your text and prepare your performance using the techniques you already know and the new ones you’ll learn over the term. You’ll be coached and given challenges appropriate to your needs.

An Actor: Presents is skills-focused and offers a lot of support, so if you’re keen to get on stage but don’t feel ready for our full PERFORMANCE options, or if you’ve done some performing but you’d like to polish up your skills, this is the class for you!

Term Information: SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2024:

This term, starting September 2024, Presents will focus on monologues, improvised scenes and a devised physical sequence.

AUDITION ENTRY required for AN ACTOR: PRESENTS. Email us for more information on how to audition for our Sept-Dec Term. 

Term Information:


PRESENTS: Thursday Evening

Times: 7.00pm-9.00pm weekly

Venue: Marchmont St Giles


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