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Introduction to Professional Voice & Speech Practice

Led by Matthew McBrier, this course will cover the fundamental principles underlying the use of the voice for professional acting. The aim is to develop awareness and prepare a tool-kit for a personal vocal development journey. In the voice lessons we will cover:

- Body alignment and release - Breathing and support - Phonation, resonance and range

The next phase will be to cover the basic sounds and symbols used in the International Phonetics Alphabet. Through this we will explore:

- Articulation - Received Pronunciation - Resources and methods for working with accents

Finally, we will work on individual challenges in a one-to-one session.

Cost: £85.00 early bird offer (valid til 10 May), £95.00 there after. (8 spaces per workshop)

Workshop Dates: -Group A - Sat 1 June 10am-6pm group session & Sat 22 June (45 min 1on1 time slots) -Group B - Sat 8 June 10am-6pm group session & Sat 29 June (45 min 1on1 time slots)

Workshop Venue: Marchmont St Giles, 4 Kilgraston Road, EH9 2DW

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